Light Gray Icelandic fleece​ 110 $1.50/oz

Icelandic Roving

​​Spinners, felters and other creators will love this roving!  

​Medium gray 3 Ply , Bulky , Icelandic yarn 100 yards 109


This is a medium gray color

This is the last black bump

Rug/Novelty yarn, Core-spun , off- white, Icelandic  106  $ 97.00

We will weigh them shortly, but they are more than 5 lbs. each and look like a lot of fun to create with!

We don't know how many yards are in these skeins, but we are assured that one skein can make at least a 2x3 scatter rug and probably 2.  These skeins can be easily dyed.

Core Spun rug/novelty yarn

Only 2 skeins remain!

Barely Silver 105  $16.99

​Taupe (gray/brown) 104  $16.99

Color is not true....this is a gray/brown color

Deep Black Icelandic two ply yarn  250 yards 103  $16.99

Soft White 2 ply worsted weight 250 yards  102  $16.99

This yarn is wonderful for dying and painting.

Deep Charcoal  101  Sold out

Color of this yarn may be deeper charcoal than this picture appears

Two ply worsted Icelandic yarn 250 yards

At Common Threads Farm,  we know what beautiful yarns can make: Sweaters, mittens, socks, scarves, hats and anything you might imagine that can keep you warm.  This year ( 2015) we returned to our favorite processor, Stonehenge Fiber Mill in Michigan.  Deb knows how to  work with the dual fleeces and turns out a great product.  We have a limited supply of all worsted weight, bulky 3ply, and core spun for rugs or novelty work.

Black ,3 ply, Bulky,  100 yard Icelandic  yarn  108   $16.99

This is not spun in typical Lopi style, but can be used like lopi for outerwear.  100 yards/ skein

Bulky weight Icelandic Yarn, 100 yards/skein

Black Rug/Novelty, core-spun Icelandic 107   $97.00

creamy  White Icelandic Roving $1.50/oz   111