This is newly posted in the fall of 2016  and this outstanding ewe is a one and a half year old  badger type who has been bred from excellent parents.  She is for sale at $350. E-mail us for more information.

​CTF Lia, Is a horned gray yearling ewe.  She has a nice long body and well-set horns.  The grayness of her fleece renders it nearly purple!  She is available for breeding this fall.  $450.00 (SOLD)


CTF  Annie is a full-bodied, well built yearling.  She has correct conformation and a  

dense fleece.  She is polled and is a black mouflon.  Dam is CTF Aiesha (white horned

ewe) and CTF Angus ( horned black mouflon).  $450.00 (SOLD)




CTF Lulu is a lovely spotted ewe out of CTF Lorelei ( polled, black

and white spotted) and Sire CTF Angus ( horned black mouflon).

She is a finer-boned more feminine ewe than our three other

yearlings we  have for sale, but comes from a great line of ewes.       $400.00 (SOLD)

CTF Jane is a stunning gray moorit , polled, yearling ewe.  She is out of CTF Jolie and CTF Andy.  Lovely handle to her fleece and an overall excellent animal. She may be bred this fall.   $450.00 (SOLD)

CTF Miranda is a solid black, horned , yearling ewe.  She is inquisitive, and friendly.  A tall, solid bodied ewe who will be ready for breeding this fall.  Dam is CTF Macie, Sire is CTF Angus.  $400.00 (SOLD)

Yearling ewes for sale.  May be bred this fall.


Ewes    FOR    SALE

 Are they registered?   They sure are!    You may find pedigrees under Joanne

and Joshua Steele for this flock to learn more about our breeding.