We have just finished lambing (spring of 2017) and had bred three ewes with each turning out twins. Typical for us, is that we ended up with an even split of three ewe lambs and three ram lambs. The first two coming on March 20, are solid white with some brown on their legs, one being a ewe lamb and the other being a ram lamb, both with good horns. The remaining four lambs came the last week of April who all share the same sire, that sire being different than the sire of the  white lambs already mentioned. These four lambs are either moorit or gray moorit with two sister ewe lambs being polled and the brother ram lambs having horns. The picture below is a moorit ram lamb we had sold last year which gives you an idea on how the new ram lambs might turn out although their color may not lighten as much as this pictured ram lamb as all the new lambs this year are a darker (chocolate) brown with one of them turning out gray underneath. Check back at a later date for pictures and prices of the lambs we will have for sale.

New Lambs have arrived !