​​​​When you buy sheep from Common Threads Farm, you buy experience, that is to say, we offer ourselves and our knowledge of 10 years raising Icelandics to help you on your path to becoming a shepherd.   We are committed to helping you with our knowledge through mentoring after the sale.   Common Threads Farm will sell two or more  sheep to first time sheep owners. Sheep are flocking animals, and as such, must have at least one  companion.  We sometimes  have wethers, which are neutered males, with good fleeces.  They are healthy and nice animals, but just didn’t turn out to be the quality we require in our rams.  They are great companion animals, produce nice fleeces, and are affordable. 

There is a required deposit of 1/2 the total price to hold your choices until they are ready for your sheep to live at your farm.  This means, that we will not allow other potential buyers to buy those sheep as they are reserved.  The total payment is expected before the sheep can leave our farm. If you have made a deposit and then change your mind, the deposit can be applied to another sheep, applied to a future purchase or refunded when that choice is sold to another person. If for any reason we deem a sheep unfit for sale, your deposit will be refunded at that time or applied to another sheep of your choice. 

If you are unable to pick up sheep or arrange for delivery on the agreed upon date that the sheep are to leave our farm, there will be a $5.00/day charge for feeding and care of your sheep.

A health certificate from a veterinarian is required for all sales of sheep leaving our state. The certificate must be done within 30 days of delivery. We include this cost in the price of the sheep as a courtesy to our buyers. If you cannot take delivery at the time we had scheduled and the certificate expires, the cost of another vet examination will be charged to the buyer.

We sell our sheep from the following categories:

Proven Ewes: Adult ewes who have been in our breeding program and lambed more than once are called “proven ewes.” Their price is based on qualities such as their fleeces, and the quality of the lambs they’ve already produced, and their age. A proven ewe is of value to new shepherds because they have had experience with lambing, something that you may not have. Proven ewes are sold during the summer and fall after their lambs are weaned, and may also be available as a ewe who has been exposed to a ram and be bred.  They usually cost between $400 and $600.  Occasionally, we will have a ewe together with her lambs for sale when the lambs are about 6 weeks old as a package deal.  This is a great way to have a ewe and lambs without actually lambing.

Yearling Ewes: These are ewes we’ve kept over from the previous year’s lambing.  You can tell a lot about what a sheep will become when they are a lamb, but you gain more information about the fleece, the conformation and all of the attributes a sheep can bring to your flock when they are a little bit more mature.  These ewes are ready to be bred the year they’re bought, and we can arrange for them to be bred on our farm, for a breeding fee, if that is desired.

Ewe Lambs: Ewe lambs come from this year’s flock. You’ll get a lovely lamb fleece from them in the fall.  While they may be bred their first year, we recommend you wait until their second year when they are more mature unless you’re an experienced shepherd.

Ram Lambs: Rams represent the foundation of your flock, and we only sell the best lambs as ram lambs, if a ram doesn’t meet our criteria for a good breeding animal, he usually will be a meat animal or a wether.   If you are interested in a Ram Lamb, you must contact us before October 1st.

Wethers: Neutered (castrated) ram lambs. These are rams with nice fleeces that  didn’t meet our standards for breeding rams. They may be used as companion animals for  breeding rams, or from farms that are looking only for fleece sheep. If you are interested in a wether you need to let us know by October 1st.

All Common Threads Farm Sheep are registered through the CLRC (Canadian Livestock Records Corporation).Our NYS scrapies Farm number is NY88

We are members of the Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America(ISBONA)

  With your sheep, you’ll receive support services if you need it.  The Icelandic Sheep Breed is a fabulous breed because it is a hardy, easy to work with group. This being said, we know you will have questions, and we can help The Registration Certificates will be given at the time of sale, if available.  If registration is pending, they will be sent to you as soon as they arrive from Canada.  You may choose to register your sheep your way through the crlc

We do not usually deliver sheep, but on occasion, can arrange for delivery.  We do charge for delivery, and if we can make a trip with combined purchases, the buyers will share the fee. Our base fee is $100 and adjusted for time and mileage.