Our sheep are registered through the Canadian Livestock Record Corporation and anyone can look up our sheep under Joshua Steele and Joanne Steele.  www.clrc.ca

More information about Icelandic sheep can be found at www.isbona.com

‚ÄčAbout Common Threads Farm

A life lesson from primative sheep

Walter and Joanne have been friends for decades, and have raised Icelandic sheep for 10 years.  There have been ups and downs for sure; lessons learned with joys and sorrows that come with being shepherds.  Through it all we realize that these are our sheep.  We chose them because they were multi-purpose sheep being dairy animals, excellent fiber animals ( with two shearings a year) and gourmet quality, mild meat.  They are easy keepers, easy lambers, excellent mothers and wonderful friends.  We did not become shepherds when we bought our sheep, we were not smart enough. We evolved into being shepherds over time, and it has been an incredible journey.  Joanne loved wool, spinning, knitting and weaving.  Walter had land that needed mowing.  Sheep seemed like a good idea and we have raised hundreds here on the farm

Through the years we have shown sheep at local fairs and at the NY State Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY.  Joanne's children enjoyed these years at the Washington County Fair and have fond memories with friends in the sheep barn.  Our sheep were the first Icelandic in this area, and many thought we brought goats to the fair....they got over that when we captured ribbons and trophies and smiled at those who thought we had inferior sheep.  It is all in good fun now.  We continue to educate people about this breed through farm tours and in the breed barn at Rhinebeck.